Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Musical Review "Countdown"

Well, I have not blogged in a really long time. That not due to lack of love for any of you, nor a lack of wanting to blog, but rather a lack of time to devote to such an activity. However, I will spare some time at the moment. Within the next couple days (I promise), I will deliver my year-in-review of 2010. However, we will begin with my year-in-review of this year's music. Every year, local radio stations always create some sort of "top 40 songs of the year" countdown that they play on New Years Day. This year, I decided to create a list of my own. Many of these songs conjure up memories of the past year. For those of you who don't know, my two favorite genres of music are metal/hardcore and dance pop. The songs on this list are largely a mix of those two types of songs. So, without further ado, these are the top 15-ish songs of my 2010 year (Dislaimer: Some of these may have been released in late 2009, but I heard them a lot in 2010 so it counts. Disclaimer II: If you do not like my music, I do not care. Don't waste your time reading this). These are NOT in any particular order, because that would take too much effort.

Ke$ha- Tik Tok: For all intents and purposes, this song sucks. But it's just so damn catchy. More importantly, it reminds me all the fun I had with my friends at school this year. We heard this one at all senior nights and social gatherings, and it will always remind me of Senior Year at UR.

DJ Khalid ft. Ludacris, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg-All I do is win: One of my favorite songs of spring/summer. Reminds me of Senior Week, my first trip to Boulder, and cruising in the car cranking tunes with Markus.

The Black Eyed Peas-Rock that body: This single dropped right around the time the school year was winding down. It will forever remind me of how hard we tried to squeeze every last drop of fun out of the semester that we could.

Enrique Iglesias-I like it: Many of you know how much I love the MTV's masterpiece of a "reality show" Jersey Shore. It was just natural that I would love Enrique Iglesias' theme song for Season 2, and FIST PUMP every time I heard it. When I moved to Boulder I watched every Thursday Night, and was able to laugh with my friends (from afar) about the stupid things that happened on that week's episode. In a weird way, one the most ridiculously trashy (yet fantastically entertaining) things ever put on TV provided some comfort to me as I tried to adjust to my new life.

Jamie's Elsewhere- Giants among common men: I absolutely love bands to manage to combine metalcore with electro-pop/synth elements. A recent discovery of mine, I am digging the whole Jamie's Elsewhere album "They Said a Storm was coming." Good to listen to while running, lifting, or driving in the car.

I See Stars-What this means to me: I listened to the I See Stars album nonstop while driving to Ithaca to visit my buddy Markus in the Spring. An excellent contrast between the hard stuff and the clean stuff is what I really love. I listened to the album too much in a short period of time, and am now sick of. Additionally, they kind of sucked when I saw them play at Warped Tour. However, "What this means to me" remains one of my top songs of the year.

Eminem- Not Afraid/No Love/Almost Famous: For better or worse, there were several things that my generation grew up with. One such constant for us was music from Eminem. I had lost interest in him over the years as I grew weary of his played out "Slim Shady" bullshit, hoping that he would eventually make an album that was completely serious the whole way through (in the same vein as "Til I collapse, The Way I am, and others). That is exactly what he delivered in his 2010 album Recovery. Gone were the stupid accents, corny qausi-humorous pot-shots taken at pop stars, and general clownery. Rather, he took a no-nonsense approach and spoke about his rise from nearly reaching rock bottom because of drug addiction, tragedy, and self-perceived failure. These three songs contain some of his most driven verses on the album, and are the type of songs that I hope we hear from him more often in the future. We kids who listened to Eminem beginning in around 6th grade (yes, Mom and Dad, I listened to music with swearing in it... sorry... how much it corrupted me is debatable) have grown up, and it appears that Eminem has grown up with us.

Usher ft. Will.I.Am-OMG: Another song that dropped in the spring, and therefore was a fixture at our late-semester get-togethers (I realize this is becoming a repetitive explanation). The reason I like this one so much is because I think it was my buddy Trevor's favorite song. Seeing him get so stoked whenever it came on was hilarious, and therefore it reminds me of good times with my best friend.

Taio Cruz- Break Your Heart: One of the great features of our suite was the loud music always emanating from my roommate Mike's room. He played this song constantly for about a month in (you guessed it) the springtime. It's another fun song on the swan song soundtrack of college.

Flo Rida- Club Can't Handle Me: This is one of the catchiest songs of the year. Plus, it's off the Step Up 3D soundtrack. My roommate Steph and I went to see that when I went to visit her in TX. The movie sucked, but it was fun.

Ludacris- How Low: I honestly thought the chipmunk voice feature in rap songs was dead, until my buddy Shervy started playing this song nonstop. I continued to hear it nonstop during spring break and while cruising around with my buddy Drew at the Philly Phlyer collegiate bike race.

Abandon All Ships- Take One Last Breath: Double bass, heavy use of synth. Sounds amazing when you turn it up as loud as possible. Awesome.

A Day To Remember- Second Sucks/Sticks and Bricks/This is the house that doubt build: My favorite band dropped a new album in November. I was so amazingly stoked to listen to it. The CD is good, not great, but several songs stand out. Second Sucks is HARD, and provides a great response to critics that accuse the band of selling out, etc. Sticks and Bricks is in the same metal vein, but mixed with a clean chorus. This House is excellent lyrically, and shows off the more pop/rock side of ADTR. As far as I can see, they will never produce another album like "For Those who have Heart," but as long as they are making music, I will be happy.

Four Year Strong- Wasting Time/Find My Way Back/It must really suck to be Four Year Strong Right Now: Another one of my absolute favorite bands, they put out an awesome album in 2010. I got the privilege of seeing them live during the summer, where they rocked out and put on a great show with tons of energy. However, I also absolutely love their acoustic versions of their songs, which show off their true musical talent. I have been listening to the acoustic versions of Wasting Time and Find my way back nonstop these past few weeks. It Must Really Suck shows off their rock side.

Attack Attack- Smokahantas: Attack Attack came out with a new album on my birthday. The album is okay, despite a considerable departure from their previous album. The new lead vocalist (replacing Austin Carlile, who can scream his head off) is pretty "blah," but a couple songs are creative, such as this one, with a pretty sweet breakdown in the middle. The reason this song makes the list? I played it for one of my buddies while I was performing Designated Driver duties, and my drunk friend (who will remain nameless here) was rocking out SO HARD to this song. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He reportedly woke up with more of a bangover than a hangover.

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