Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Explanations; recaps; shenanigans

I guess it's time for my monthly blog post, eh? We have a lot to cover. First of all, let's discuss my racing thus far. I know that I professed to have a lot of race reports forthcoming, but not too many have appeared, based on my extensive tentative race schedule that I had planned for this year. Well, here we go...
My early season (March) cycling races consisted of a lot of pain, a lot of frigid temperatures, and no notable results. However, by the time March turned to April, I was starting to feel very strong. A successful debut in the Collegiate A-Division yielded a huge training benefit, and I approached the Tour of the Battenkill race (April 10) with great optimism. Unfortunately, on the first dirt descent (15 miles in), an (explitive) individual on my left drifted from the middle of the road right into me, leaving me with the not-so-enviable choice of going into the ditch on the side, or try to dodge him by going left. I tried the latter, but was unable to get my front wheel around his rear. Crashing is always interesting; it always happens in slow motion, and there's always a moment just before you hit the ground where you consciously say to yourself "oh shit." And then it's CRASH, BANG, BODIES EVERYWHERE! I came out mostly unscathed, with my bike intact, and a sore hand that managed to NOT break upon impact.

In light of this incident, I have decided to curtail the road racing for a little while. Crashing is a part of the sport; it happens to everyone. It is a risk we all take, and we are fully aware of. You cross your fingers, rub the buddha statue's belly, and make sacrifices to the spaghetti monster and hope it doesn't happen too often. But sometimes in spite of your appeals to Morgan Freeman (God), you end up lying in the road, hoping that you will be able to go straight home without stopping at the hospital first, explaining to a not-so-gentle nurse why you have a massive chunk of your hip missing.

Triathlon is my number one athletic priority. The biggest challenge for me has always been getting to the start-line healthy, and therefore I don't see road racing as a risk I can take right now. A broken collarbone in June or July will truly ruin a triathlon season if you live in the Northeast, and have a 3 month season. Bike racing is an incredible rush, crazy fun, terrifying, dangerous, and a great workout. For now, I'm on hiatus, though, and the Cat 2 upgrade will have to wait. I would have a long way to go anyway.

Thus, I am all-in for Tris this summer. Race reports for the first three races of the summer will follow soon.

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