Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, let's see. You've all waited with bated breath for the next blog post from Dolanosaurus. I'm sure you've been wondering what sorts of exciting endeavors I've been involved in as of late. Well, here's a general rule of thumb: if something really exciting happens to me, I will definitely be blogging about it. Right now, however, I shall hold by my current party line of "nothing ever happens on my block."

Well, actually what happened here was... I got sick this week. Quite sick... probably a bad virus or something (hoping to be better soon). It dropped me to about a 30% functioning level. I am up to about 70% now, so we're going in the right direction. I am still taking it easy to make sure I don't relapse, which means I'm on the shelf in terms of training for at least one or two more day. Now, most of you who know me realize that training is what I do for a hobby, and what I do for fun, and what I spend my time doing. So on easy days, I have a lot of time to sit around. That's very boring to me. Video games don't hold my attention. My homework is essentially all caught up on. I can only check facebook and email so many times. Anyhow... I remembered the blog.

Training was going well, until the illness. Should be back to it this weekend. One month until we start racing! My fitness at this point is decent... definitely way better than it was at this time last year. Nobody is ever sharp in March, for a reason. If I were feeling amazing and putting out gigantic numbers at this point I would be worried. With Giros and Collegiate races scheduled every weekend in March, the fitness always kicks up pretty quickly.

I'm feeling great in the pool. Running is going well... trying to build the mileage here. Still spending some time in the weight room (love the weight room because you actually see fast results).

Now, I will leave you with some random thoughts:
For my English class (Feature Writing), we had an assignment recently: Write a feature story (such as for a magazine) about a performer. I wrote mine about my buddy Michael Harold, a longtime teammate of mine on the XC and Track teams in high school who plays the bass in a band called 31Goings. I rarely like things that I write, but I'm pretty proud of this one. Perhaps I'll post it on the blog. Even if you do not like their style of music, please support them.

I heard rumors that Lady Gaga is actually incredibly talented and a fantastic musician besides being really strange. Here is a video of her before she got famous.. it's interesting.

I'm still coming to grips with the fact that "Jersey Shore" is over. I could be taking my sick time to catch up on missed episodes. But NO... it's over. Damn. I realize that this was the stupidest show ever. Offensive to many, mind-numbingly dumb, yet it was one of the most truly entertaining things I have ever seen. I have never experienced such an amazing level of absurdity. Wow. So good.

Madden '04 is the best game ever. Never gets old. Except, it is a little bit strange playing a game with Jerry Rice still in it, and where Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson suck. Anyhow, I picked up an old Gamecube copy for $.01. How about that?
That being said, as I already mentioned, video games cannot hold my attention for very long, so here I am blogging about nothing of consequence.

The most underrated song by Eminem is "Run Rabbit Run."

I will post again when I actually have something to say.