Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still here.

Well, yes, it certainly appears that it's been five weeks or so since I last made a post on here. To be perfectly honest, not too much has happened during that time period. When the spring comes around, we are going to have race reports, race photos, and even videos. In the meantime, I just have to report about surviving the Rochester winter.

Another college semester has come and gone. As always, it has flown by. This fall had its ups and downs. Such is life. It is what we learn from these experiences that is truly important in life. It makes you grow up. We always have to keep moving forward. I'm growing up, and that is scary. I'm a second-semester senior now. It's so hard to believe that three and a half years have passed since I first started this journey. All I can say is wow...

Anyhow, training is going well. I've been doing some quality work on the trainer, swimming fairly well, doing some lifting, and struggling to recover from a little bout of shin splints. I'm really not enjoying the freezing cold and the snow. It is looking like I am probably going to be moving to California next year. I think some true year-round training will be amazing. However, I will definitely be making the most of what I have here in the meantime. Tomorrow I break out the snowshoes.

I promise I will re-dedicate myself to updating the blog here. I have some exciting new sponsors to tell you about, and some other announcements, and maybe even some other fun stories. Thanks for your support, as always. I love you guys. Happy holidays! Stay warm out there.


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