Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, for my first non-triathlon-related blog post, I will at least keep it on the subject of sports. As most of you know, I am a baseball fan, and have been a die-hard New York Mets fan since birth (thanks, Grandpa Dolan). I would like to sum up the 2009 season for the Metropolitans. In short, no other season has done more to increase my apathy toward my beloved team, or to decrease my interest in baseball in general. But don't worry, I will stand by my boys 'til death.

A year of promise started well, with a new stadium and the promise of erasing last year's monumental collapse (a re-occurring theme with the metsies). The first hitter in the new park was Jody Gerut, of the San Diego Padres. He hit a home run. I would consider this to be the point at which the season went to hell. But, thanks so my friends at, I was able to find a couple of other key dates in this 2009 season, which is one we would like to forget as soon as possible.

April 12- Daniel Murphy drops a routine fly ball with Johan Santana on the mound and leads to a loss. This would be the first of many similar incidents (April 21, June 25, etc.).

May 13- Jose Reyes goes down with a calf injury. Season over for our most talented and electric player.

May 16- Carols Delgado's seasons descends down the tubes with a hip injury.

June 4- J.J. Putz, our lights-out set-up man wrecks his elbow. Done for the year.

June 12- Shoulder injury for starting pitcher John Maine. To make matters worse, with the Mets winning by one run in the 9th inning facing the Yankees, Luis Castillo drops a routine pop fly, allowing two runs to score.

June 22- Carlos Beltran hurts his knee. Misses half the season.

August 4- Luis Castillo sprains his ankle while walking down the steps of the dugout. WOW!

August 15- David Wright, who hit 10 home runs all year (after consistently hitting 30 for the past 3 years), gets hit in the head with a fastball, putting him on the DL.

August 25- Johan Santana's season ends with a trip to the surgeon for his pitching elbow. Great.

Final record: 70-92. 22 games out of first place. What a terrible year. I think some things need to change. I hear rumors of them changing their strength/conditioning program, and all I have to say is "I should hope so." Nobody hit home runs, and everybody got hurt. Great job.

Next year? Well, that's why we have sports, so we can always look to next year. Let's proceed with a sense of cautious optimism, shall we?

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